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EDISC is a profiling tool unlike any other on the market.

It is a behavioural assessment tool based on the theory of Swiss psychiatrist Carl G. Jung and American psychologist William Moulton Marston.

Globally, thousands of organisations use EDISC profiles every year to improve productivity and teamwork, support recruitment decisions and enhance communication.

These are the keys to Executive Leadership success.

EDISC helps you understand your own and others’ strengths and development areas, communication and decision-making styles, motivators and de-motivators, as well as typical stress responses.

It is focussed on your natural or unconscious behaviour, not your personality.

Personality profiles such as Myers Briggs give you a fixed profile. It labels you – basically what you see is what you get, and you can’t change it. It pigeonholes people.

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EDISC Behavioural Profiling on the other hand is flexible. It describes a person’s natural reaction or unconscious behavioural style in different situations – those behaviours that come naturally and easily. And then it compares to the current conscious behaviour.

So, it doesn’t classify people into good or bad, and it won’t limit a person’s ability to develop in another direction or work environment. In fact, it can give people the tools to excel where they need to, personally and professionally. You understand why you naturally do things easily, and why other activities take more energy and focus. 

Another strength of EDISC is that it identifies 160 different behavioural patterns, rather than just the 16 that Myers Briggs and the classic DISC measure.

And EDISC is one of the most accurate profiling tools available and can be applied in any number of situations, from find the right sales people and supporting them to excel, to understanding your partner and why they seem to come from a different planet. 

The EDISC Profile uses a sophisticated, well-validated psychometric algorithm to determine an individuals’ natural (unconscious) and adapted (conscious) behavioural tendencies – something many profiling tools fail to do.  

This online psychometric self-assessment is comprised of 24 questions (with 2 sub-questions each) that take 7-10 minutes to complete.

Seemingly simple and sometimes tricky to answer, it provides remarkably accurate and useful insights into human behaviour, and affords an in-depth analysis of strengths and development areas.

Reports can identify 160 different behavioural styles, and can be tailored to you and your organisation’s needs (for example, if you are recruiting for a certain role, we can design a report that speaks to your advertised role’s selection criteria).

In addition to the Individual Analysis report, you can select to undertake a Leadership, Team, 360 Feedback or Work Pair Analysis that will help you manage and enhance relationships among your team.

E-DISC is for personal self-development and business development. It is extremely useful in understanding how and why people think the way they do, what’s important to them, how they communicate and take action.

Use Individual Behavioural Analysis for your own self development to understand:
  • Your own thinking and behaviour
  • Your communication style to understand you and others
  • Others to build rapport and connections 
  • Help break through personal barriers
  • Identify your natural strengths and challenges
  • Why you naturally react and respond the way you do
  • Your decision making strategies
  • Why some tasks leave you exhausted while others invigorate you
Use Individual and Team Behavioural Analysis as a Leader with your teams to:
  • Help identify, recruit, and retain the most suitable candidates
  • Understand your people’s behavioural strengths
  • Improve and enhance professional and personal communication
  • Develop self-awareness and improve overall performance
  • Understand how to get the most out of your workforce
  • Pinpoint motivators and de-motivators
  • Grow healthy teams by understanding each others’ styles
  • Right people for the right roles

There are four different energy types within EDISC: D for Dominant, I for Influence, S for Stability and C for Compliance.

We all have these energies but in different combinations and strengths.

It’s these different combinations that influence our natural behaviour.

And remember, you can access any of these energies whenever you want. It may simply take more or less energy.

EDISC Directly Impacts…

What Leadership Style

Are You?

  • Discover your EDISC Leadership Profile and gain powerful insights into how you can connect, inspire and communicate with anyone in your team, business and life
  • Understand yourself better to maximise your strengths and your executive leadership potential
  • Empower yourself to make conscious choices about how you communicate, inspire others, create high performing cultures, and develop extraordinary people