At Ignite Results Group, we are grateful to work with our incredible clients.

People that are 100% committed to themselves, their businesses, employees and families.

They are what drive our business.

It is so rewarding to support them through their growth journey, as they can achieve their goals and dreams

– even beyond what they originally thought was possible. 

What Others Are Sharing

Linda starting working with me after I had been through enormous change, both personally and professionally. 

Linda really made the effort to understand my own personality and background first which then meant she could provide proper and meaningful advice and support, and hold me to account for making the changes needed.

The whole experience was exceptional, and in the end gave me fresh energy, a clearer mind, and renewed focus on what was most important to me in both business and life generally.

Stephen Beirne

CEO, Queensland Leaders

Linda’s coaching has been invaluable.

Initially we were both a little unsure if we would benefit from coaching, having had some negative experience with business coaches previously (and zero time to allocate!) but decided one session can’t hurt. After a session it was obvious she could help, and that there was a lot of layers to work on (being both startup business partners and life partners).

It’s been super helpful for us both individually, as a couple and in business – getting to root causes/individual blocks/unhealthy dynamics, and helping us to really see and figure out what needs changing.

Jeanie McClymont and Brad Hull

Directors and Founders, Goodmix Pty Ltd

I just completed six sessions with the amazing Linda Scott and to say that this experience was life-changing is an understatement.

Linda’s coaching style was so safe that I was able to fully ‘lean-in’ to every session, with some sessions taking very unexpected turns and uncovering issues and feelings that I didn’t even realise were causing me pain.

These sessions gave me clarity, focus and a deep understanding of myself, who I used to be, who I have become and how I choose to go forward in life and business.

Megan Nolan

Managing Director, Pivot Point Consulting Pty Ltd

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